1.    Definitions
1.1.    Charges
1.1.1.    Means the charges payable by the Customer for Goods or Service provided by the Company.
1.2.    Company
1.2.1.    Means ‘Rebel Trading Company (UK) Ltd.’, V.A.T. Registration Number 110 4772 51.
1.3.    Contract, Order, Or Agreement
1.3.1.    Means any Contract, Order, or Agreement between the Customer and the Company with regard to the sale of goods or the provision of service subject to these terms and conditions.
1.3.2.    Any Contract, Order, or Agreement requires the Company’s acceptance.
1.4.    Customer
1.4.1.    Means any entity engaging in a Contract, Order, or Agreement with the Company.
1.5.    Goods Or Service
1.5.1.    Means any Goods or Service provided by the Company to the Customer subject to these terms and conditions.
1.5.2.    Any service, or advice, which may be offered by the Company to its Customers, is offered in good faith. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such service or advice.
1.5.3.    Goods or Services are provided as is, the Company accepts no liability for the Customers equipment required to use the Goods or Service.

2.    Terms Of Contract
2.1.    These terms and conditions shall apply to any contract, order, or agreement with the Company.
2.2.    Should any conflict arise, these terms and conditions shall apply and prevail over any other terms relating to the contract, order, or agreement with the Company.

3.    Transfer Of Property (Risk and Title)
3.1.    Risk shall pass to the Customer on delivery.
3.2.    Title (ownership) shall remain with the Company until all outstanding accounts with the Customer are paid in full. This does not give the Customer the right to return the goods or refuse the service. The Company retains the right to payment for the goods or service, and the Customers obligation to purchase the goods or service under this contract, order, or agreement remains, even though title has not passed.
3.3.    Should the Customer act on there own account and sell on the goods or service prior to making payment in full, the beneficial entitlement of the Company may, at the company’s discretion, move to the proceeds of the sale.

4.    Warranty
4.1.    The Company warrants to the Customer that any goods or service provided, are provided with due care and technical skill.
4.2.    Goods and services may at times be subject to downtime due to maintenance and/or failure. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for losses incurred due to such downtime.
4.3.    Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy in content of all forms of communications between the Customer and the Company. The Company gives no warranty for any inaccuracies in its communications with the Customer, and accepts no liability for them.

5.    Charges, Taxes, Duties, Terms of Payment, and Payment Methods
5.1.    V.A.T. will be charged at the appropriate rate at the time of invoice.
5.2.    The Company reserves the right, at any time, to change any charges for goods or service, at its discretion. This is especially the case in regard to renewals of contracts, orders, or agreements.
5.3.    Terms of payment will be agreed with customer on acceptance of order.
5.4.    Payment terms include: COD (Cash On Delivery), CIA (Cash In Advance), CWO (Cash With Order), Contra, NET 30, Cash Account (No Credit), and Stage Payments. The appropriate payment term will be selected based on the Customer and Order/ Contract/Agreement.
5.5.    Should payment terms not be agreed at time of order acceptance, the terms of payment will be set at strictly cash account.
5.6.    The Company reserves the right to interest on late payments and to claim compensation for any debt-recovery costs incurred.
5.7.    The Company does not agree to any terms imposed by the Customer that remove the Company’s right to claim late payment interest or compensation.
5.8.    Payment Methods include cash, BACS, electronic bank transfers, and cheques.
5.9.    When making payment to the Company by cheque the Customer must allow 7 days prior to the payment date for the cheque to clear.
5.10.    All payments are to be made payable to ‘Rebel Trading Company (UK) Ltd.’.
5.11.    The company reserves the right to charge the Customer for any bank charges incurred if a cheque payment is dishonored.
5.12.   All our prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and are subject to VAT at the current rate of 20%. VAT is payable by all customers within the EU. Countries outside the European Union zone have their own duty/tax system which will be payable by you (the customer), please check with your local government offices for further details.
5.13.   Import and Duty taxes for all products outside UK/EU. Our company The Rebel Trading Company UK Ltd does not take any responsibility for any import taxes, customs charges or administration fees payable on orders made outside of the European Union zone. It is the customer's responsibility to cover all charges related to Customs and the import of goods. Please check with your local government office for further information.
5.14.  All currency conversions quoted include any extra bank/PayPal currency and other charges and are subject to change with day to day currency fluctuations.
5.15.  All products produced by our company 'Rebel Trading Company UK Ltd' are bespoke/custom made and finished to each individual customer order and are non-refundable or returnable as covered under UK Distance Selling Law.

6.    Delivery
6.1.    If the Customer requires delivery of goods, it will be arranged with the Company and be subject to these terms.
6.2.    The Company will make every effort to meet delivery dates, but offers no warranty and accepts no liability for loss or damage incurred due to delays in delivery.
6.3.    The Customer will inspect goods on delivery and sign as damaged with courier in the event of a damaged delivery.
6.4.    The customer will notify the Company of any problems within 24 hours of the delivery. After this time the Company will conclude that the delivery was acceptable.
6.5.   The Company is not liable for any delivery delays caused by the courier service, by customs, weather, natural disasters, late payment clearances or any unforeseen circumstances. Delivery lead times are approximated only and are not guaranteed.
6.6.   Damaged/ lost during transit - Please 'sign as damaged' on receipt of goods if damage is evident. For evident damage or damage seen upon opening please contact us within 24hrs by email and supply photos of packaging and damage and full written details so that we can begin the claim procedure.
6.7.   The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage during transit. We take out extra insurance for all goods leaving the UK but we cannot guarantee that the insurance company will fully compensate.

7.    Customer Obligations
7.1.    All material supplied by the Customer to the Company must not breach any Copyright, Patent, Intellectual Property, Trademark, or such like laws. The Company accepts no liability for material supplied by the Customer.
7.2.    The Customer agrees to abide by any laws, regulations, statutory instruments, directives, acts, or such like laws applicable to their web site, domain name and its use. The Company accepts no liability.

8.    Liability
8.1.    Any requests for Goods or Service by the Customer must comply with any applicable legislation, regulations or statutory instruments. The Company accepts no liability for breaches made by the Customer.
8.2.    The liability of the Company shall not exceed the charge for the Order, Contract, or Agreement. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever to the Customer for any direct or indirect losses and/or expense (including loss of profit) suffered by the customer.

9.    Cancellation Of Contract
9.1.    Should the customer wish to cancel an Order, Contract, or Agreement with the Company, they will be billed for all costs incurred under the Order, Contract, or Agreement including the Company’s time spent on the Order, Contract, or Agreement.

10.    Data Protection
10.1.    Any Customer data or information that is held on the Company’s computer systems will be treated as private and strictly confidential.
10.2.    The Customer accepts that any email transmissions or electronic data passed over the Internet or available via a web site, is subject to online security threats. The Company will not be liable for any losses, information leaks or corruption due to online Internet threats.

11.    Force Majeure
11.1.    The Company shall not be liable for any delays, failures, losses, and damages resulting from circumstances out of its control.

12.    Insolvency Of Customer
12.1.    If the Customer becomes bankrupt, goes into liquidation (other than for reconstruction or amalgamation), becomes subject to an administration order, or a receiver, administrator receiver or administrator is appointed to the Customers property or assets, or the Customer ceases to trade for whatever reason.
12.2.    The Company reserves the right, without prejudice to any other right or remedy of the Company, to cancel any Orders, Contracts or Agreements and suspend any deliveries with no liability to the Customer.
12.3.    If the Customer has outstanding accounts with the Company, the charges shall become immediately due for payment.