Rebel GOLD PLATED - In pictures.

The Rebel GOLD PLATED range incorporates our made to order Rebel custom mic stands finished in 24ct gold plating. We can obtain satin or high polished finishes and we can include designs and logos into the finish.

Prices from:
Rebel Straight Up 1 piece fixed height model 24ct gold plated with painted round base from £735.00 + any extras + delivery + VAT.
Other models available in gold plating range: Straight Up adjustable, Ion, Neon Ion, RoknRolla base, top plate for standard round base, customer design base/logo design.

Tech spec:

  • Custom made to individual order
  • Available with our Rebel Straight Up, Rebel Ion, Rebel Neon Ion
  • Fixed height or adjustable height stands available.
  • Main shaft up to adjustable section made to either 1100mm or 1300mm depending on case size/ artist height
  • Rebel round base with paint finish as standard – fully crystallised or other bases are available as an optional extra

Optional extras:

  • Boom arm
  • Designs, names, logos within the finish
  • Custom paint + artwork to base
  • Fitted flight cases – depending on height required for fixed height models

Optional extra bases available with this stand:

  • Tri foot
  • Four foot
  • Halo base
  • Rebel Chain base
  • RoknRolla
  • Totally custom design base

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