The Rebel O, handmade to individual order, is constructed from 38mm diameter aluminium tubing with randomly machined holes. Available with a polished or painted finish as fixed height or adjustable with a stainless steel polished adjustable top tube. We can also add a single white superbright LED unit to adjustable models to illuminate the holes in the main body.

Using chain sourced from only one country in the world, Rebel ship chain into the UK by the tonne. Only chain manufactured in a particular process will fulfil our requirement. We apply our technical engineering knowledge and using a specialised welding process, we are able to obtain flexibility under strain and tension, without fracture or fatigue. The Rebel Chain is also available as a single helix design with the chain twisted around a solid stainless steel pole for boom users.

New Rebel Rope design - it's now lighter, cheaper and available as an adjustable model!!!!

The Rebel ‘Straight Up’ custom mic stand is very versatile and can be made to suit your exact needs, it is handmade to individual order to the highest quality. The Rebel Straight Up main shaft is constructed from stainless steel or aluminium tube depending on the desired finish required. The Rebel Straight Up comes in a polished or painted finish with one of our Rebel round bases in dark silver metal flake as standard.