The Rebel Mission:
Our mission is to customise anything and everything, giving our customers an opportunity to express themselves to the world in the way they want to be seen.

Motivated by music,
Inspired by design,
Created by passion,
Built to last.

Who we are and what we do:
Rebel is a UK based engineering fabrication and Paint Company, with a main focus on the music industry.
With worldwide shipping, we have established ourselves on every continent throughout the world, resulting in market place leadership.
At the heart of Peterborough's Industry, Rebel boasts a 3000 square foot industrial unit, dedicated to manufacture from concept through to completion.
Strategic investments have enabled Rebel to adopt an "in House" Policy, every project has our full attention, from concept design, to fabrication, paint, assembly, testing, then to dispatch and tracking, every step is monitored and controlled.

Ranges from cutting and folding sheet metal to massive welded fabrication of stage sets, capacity up to 5 tonnes.

Capability to machine components.

Fully extracted paint booth enables custom paint finishes and airbrushing.

Clean room:
Electrical manufacture and assembly, Vinyl cutting for logos and airbrush masking, Chrome and gold plating for all components.

Show room:
Product showcase and meeting room.

Products and services:
Custom mic stands, Mic stands, Chain mic stands, chain link mic stands, Rope mic stands, Neon mic stands, Illuminated mic stands, Rebel Mic Stands, Light Up Mic Stands, LED Mic Stands, Ion Mic Stands, Two Piece Mic Stands, Metal Mic Stands, Chrome Mic Stands, Gold mic stands, Polished Mic Stands, Adjustable Mic Stands, Web Mic Stands, Gold plating, paint, spray paint, metal flake, custom paint.
Ego booster boxes, Riser boxes, light boxes, Flight cases, rack mounts, welded rack mounts, welding, fabrication, machining, design, CAD design, vinyl cutting, sign making, signage, Electrical, L.E.D Lighting.

Red Hot Rebel Logo

Rebel Trading Company (UK) Limited is registered in England & Wales. Company Registered No. 06884385.

Registered Office: 316 The Dome, Padholme Road East, Peterborough, PE1 5XL.

V.A.T. No: 110 4772 51